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Would you like to record some of the great music you have been working on? PAZ Productions offers full service, professional recording. In addition, PAZ Productions can promote you through its social media channels and this website. Call now to schedule your session! From $70 per hour (minimum 3 hours) Fees cover the cost of equipment set-up, recording time, mastering, and your choice of a finished CD or mp3.  

Mobile Live Recording

Concerts, meetings, conferences etc

In-Studio Recording

Tailored to meet your specific requirements

Voice-Over Recording

For audio books, narration, language training, corporate presentations, radio/TV Commercials etc

Live Sound (FOH/PA)

Sound Engineer/Technical Director for live shows

Sound Design

Creating recorded sounds, music and special effects

Podcast Recording

Standard and Enhanced Podcast Recording and Production


Custom Solutions...

Whether you need just a few hours of my time to remedy your problem OR a complete on-site evaluation,.. I work with you to develop and create a working solution for your sound, based on your specific needs and budget. I can assist with any recording project, including: Studio Recordings Concert Recordings Orchestral / Choral Recordings DVD, Film, & Video Shoots Radio Broadcasts Web Podcasts Club Performances Church & School Performances Conference Recordings $100/hr (minimum 3 hrs) and the initial ‘virtual’ consultation is absolutely FREE!
613 292-4590 paz@paz.ca

Studio Design - Sound booth & Edit Suite

I will work specifically within your budget and design a home or office studio set-up that suits all your audio production needs. Each job will be custom designed. A studio design includes acoustic treatment design, a room plot outlining the best location for your workstation, recording console and speakers. No job is too big or too small!

Equipment and Software Recommendations

After reviewing your basic audio production needs, I will make recommendations for equipment and software purchases. Each recommendation will be based on your specific needs now with an eye on the future. Your budget and technical facility with computers and audio gear will be taken into account for all recommendations.
DIGITIZING OLD TAPES...  Audio transfer (reel-to-reel, vinyl  records, cassettes, mini discs,  DATs, as well as video-to-audio  transfer) for archival and/or  legal purposes. Services